Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Linking to files from within a business process (aka "form") in Buzzsaw

A new feature has been added to the latest version of Buzzsaw (version 2008.1) released on January 12, 2008.

We can now link to files on the Buzzsaw site directly from a Buzzsaw form.


You are linked to a specific version of the file. If the file changes, and you are accessing the file by the link embedded within the form, you we be viewing the original version.....not the updated version. This would be an instance when you would want to lock all files that are linked in forms to prevent changes to this linked file.

You can also download the file right from the form to your local PC or network drive. You will be downloading the version that was linked to the form (not any updated versions of this file)

Permission persist. If you link to a file that someone doesn't have permission to view.......they still cannot view the file. Be sure when linking to files from within forms that the members involved with this form have access to the files you are linking to.
If the file is moved from one location on Buzzsaw to another location, the members involved with this form can still access it, if they have permissions to view the file in it's new location.