Monday, April 7, 2008

Embedding Multiple Scales in a PDF

Here's the situation:

  • You have a PDF showing several details.
  • The details are all at different scales.
  • You may already know that you can calibrate scale of a PDF using Bluebeam PDF REVU.
So you set the scale for this first detail (in this case it's 1/4" = 1'), you do some measurements, make some notations, etc. Now, it's on to the next detail on the same PDF. This second detail has a different scale (1/8" = 1'). You set the scale for this second detail and the scale of the first detail gets blown away, right? Wrong. We can now embed multiple scales into a single PDF and these multiple scales are stored in the PDF!. Really......really cool tool.

Couple this capability with the ability to snap to geometry in the PDF and your accuracy has increased tremendously.

More information on Measuring and embedding scales in PDF using Bluebeam here.

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