Friday, May 4, 2007

Buzzsaw in the Bed of a Truck

Things are different now.

The foreman for an 8 person framing crew submits time sheets for his crew by using a Business Process in Buzzsaw, from the bed of his truck, armed only with a laptop and one of those DSL-speed wireless cards.

His Human Resources department gets notified instantly that he has submitted his "time cards"........ This foreman is one of 25 foreman managing various teams for his company.

This particular foreman didn't:

  • Leave the job site (and his crew) for 2 hours to make the 2 hours round trip in rush-hour traffic across town to hand deliver the time cards.
  • Burn 2 gallons of gas (about 6 bucks worth)
  • Worry about forgetting a paper time card at the job site, only to have another crew member make the same trip to the office to deliver it
  • Have to make a few phone calls to verify some one's shoddy handwriting on a paper time card "is this a 5 or a 3?"

This foreman did:
  • Stay with his crew for the entire duration of the shift
  • Take only 10 minutes of his time to submit all the time cards
  • Unknowingly create a permanent record of the transmitted time sheets

On this day alone, the company saved:

  • 50 hours of foreman labor (25 foreman making the 2 hours round trip to hand deliver the time sheets) x $30/hour = $1500
  • 50 gallons of gas = $150
  • The hassle of verifying dozens of handwritten time cards.

Oh....and let's not forget they are also viewing plans online.....even the most recent revisions that were made available 2 hours ago.

It's all happening.....right now. The power of Buzzsaw has been extending to reach a much broader user longer reserved for only for Architects, Developers, Homebulders, Engineers, and Retailers.