Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buzzsaw 2009.1 brings new features

With the recently released Buzzsaw 2009.1 comes a host of new features. A few however, hit home for us at Orange Blade Consultants.

  1. Mathematical calculations in custom forms authored in Microsoft Infopath. Until now, we've been using a cumbersome workaround.
  2. A feature that we haven't seen in the release notes........conditional formatting in custom forms from Infopath. We've incorporated a few color-based conditional formatting options in some of our test forms for Buzzsaw, and they work! Not sure why we don't see it in the release notes. Perhaps the ability is there, but not supported? Time will tell.
  3. Internet Explorer 8 and Buzzsaw 2009.1 now play well together.

Get Buzzsaw 2009.1 Here

Release Notes Here