Thursday, October 9, 2008

We are my Buzzsaw Users Logging in From?

Buzzsaw Site Administrators have the ability identifying where their users are logging in from.  When a user logs in to Buzzsaw, their IP address is noted in the Site Administrator Activity Log.

  1. Go to the Site Adminstrator button on the Buzzsaw Bar
  2. Click the Activity Log Tab
  3. Select your date range
  4. Click the List Option Button
  5. In the Center Window titled "Actions", deselect all by clicking "clear", then select the action titled "login succeeded"
  6. Hit the "Refresh List"
  7. This will show you all logins and ip addresses from users logging in to Buzzsaw
  8. If you want to take it a step further, select "Save Log" at the bottom of the window.  You can now export the list to Notepad, Excel, or Word.
  9. Site Admins also have the capability of limiting Buzzsaw access from certain ip address in the security tab of the Site Administration area of Buzzsaw.

The ability to see ip addresses comes in handy when you've allowed anonymous public access to your Buzzsaw Site.  When these "public" users login, there is no user name........but there IS an ip address.

The anonymous public user is disabled by default.  When enabled, the public user's access is guided by the permission that you've given them.  Useful for when a particular document needs to be available to the general public.  This "Public" user could have view access to the document......and nothing else (if that's what you are trying to accomplish).  Tread lightly when using anonymous public access, and be diligent with the permissions you given them so that you aren't opening access to private documents.