Monday, September 22, 2008

Buzzsaw Member Troubleshooting Tip

This post is geared for Buzzsaw Administrators.

One of the best ways of putting yourself in the shoes of your users is to create a copy of them, and then log in as them (without having to ask them for their password).  Sometimes it's easier to "see what they see" than it is to have the member explain what they are seeing.

  1. John Doe emails you to tell you that he can't see the "Highway 101" project on Buzzsaw.
  2. As administrator, you can login and check his permissions.  And when you do, it shows that he should definitely see the "Highway 101" project.  So what gives?
  3. Find John Doe in the Members Tab, right-click on the member and select "Copy".  The new member will be named "Copy of John Doe".  Give this new member your email address, then send the welcome email.
  4. The Welcome email will come to you.  When you log in, you will see everything that John Doe does. 
  5. In this case, while logged in as "Copy of John Doe" you see the Highway project.  So why doesn't John Doe see it?  In this case we find that John Doe has logged in to Buzzsaw as one of his office mates accidentally.  We tell John to log in as himself in the future, case closed.
Is there also a member lesson here?  Yes, don't share your password or allow others to log in as you.