Friday, March 23, 2007

The (public) user in Buzzsaw

The (public) user in Buzzsaw.


  • Can login to Buzzsaw anonymously, without having to type a password
  • IP address of the anonymous user is shown in the activity log
  • Cannot be added to a group
  • Public users cannot view a list of project or site members.
  • Are disabled by default, must be enabled by a site admin to activate
  • Cannot be disabled by project admins, only site admins can enable/disable them
  • Can be treated like any other site member in regard to permissions
  • The easiest way to grant someone (public) access is the enable the (public) user, then send them a link similar to this http://projectpoint.Buzzsaw /client/your site name/folder name?public Replace "your site name" with your site name.

  • Good for non-sensitive file viewing of users who aren't going to be permanent members of the site
  • Should not be used as a way to exceed your number of allowed member. We want to know exactly WHO is on our site, right? The power of Buzzsaw reveals who/what/when.......the (public) user removes the "who" factor
  • Be careful with permissions for the (public) user(s). We don't want some anonymous user uploading 5GB files when we aren't "looking"